Monday, January 16, 2017

Moving Away from Nerf

It's been a good run.
I feel like I've needed to address this for a while now but I've been putting it off thinking that it wasn't going to come to this but unfortunately, it has. In recent years you guys may have noticed that I've been attempting to diversify the blog by adding different content to what was once strictly dart blaster based. This might have been alarming to some of you but I tried my best to keep a balance between the blasters and the other topics. Nowadays I'm noticeably posting less about shooting foam, actually noticeably posting less in general but a number of factors have contributed to this.

First of all I do have a life outside of this blog and recently things have gotten to the point where I'm finding less time to post, nor am I finding it any more important than work or school. Second of all my interest in the hobby has waned greatly over the past few years. To be totally honest, the whole scene has gotten pretty dull lately and I haven't had the desire to even want to review the new things because frankly, they aren't very interesting. Last blaster I reviewed nearly two months ago: the Tri-Strike was abysmal, uninspired mess and virtually everything else has gone to the same formula of chucking in flywheels. Okay, one can argue there are some gems out there and I have experienced some of them first hand but all that stuff costs money and time, both of which I need for frankly more important things. 

Blasters are expensive, I'm sure you guys know this. Especially the ones that I consider worth posting about more. I've found myself returning the things more and more often just because of how stale they've become. Trying to devote time to writing long reviews about each and every one of them has gotten so repetitive to the point that I have to mentally force myself to get the screwdriver now in order to open it up for internal shots. For instance, I got the Incisor recently and promised a review on Twitter a whole week ago but I already knew what to expect just by seeing that it takes four AA batteries and has two triggers. I got halfway through the review before I decided to put it on the back-burner. 

I am genuinely burnt out with dart blasters and don't want to do much more with them at the moment. However I wouldn't have kept posting about them if you guys didn't keep coming back. Seeing that view counter grow just tells me to keep on going, and trust me, I love putting my opinions out and I love getting feedback from you guys but some things just get old. That was the whole reason I started diversifying the blog in the first place. In case you we're expecting some sort of sentimental goodbye from me, I hate to disappoint you. Alongside the tech content I will continue to post dart blaster reviews but in nowhere near the same volume as I did in the past. Blaster news and modding are pretty much done at this point. I know this will probably alienate a lot of you guys as this was very much a key part of the blog but I genuinely don't have the time for it anymore. 

I'm going to be focusing most of my attention on new content for my YouTube channel since it's all I can fit into my schedule at the moment and I'll continue to be a complete jerk in text form on Twitter. I'm sorry things have gotten to this point but that's just life I suppose. Who knows though, I might be back in full if time(and cash) persists and the hobby gets a little more interesting than it currently is but don't keep your fingers crossed. Anyways thank you guys for all the support over the years and I'll continue moving forward. See you soon.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System Review

Highway to the danger zone.
I recently picked up Elite Dangerous during the big holiday sale on Steam. Everything started smoothly enough apart from crashing my ship into the docking station several times and getting annihilated by space pirates I was sent to dispose of. Feeling rather unsatisfied with my traditional keyboard and mouse setup I decided to pick up a more proper method of controlling the game, a HOTAS. After meticulous research trying to find one I wasn't going to hate, I settled on the Saitek X52 Pro. This is the first time I've ever used a joystick for any sort of game and I have to say, it totally changes the ways you control the game.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Beats Solo2 Wireless Review

A fashion accessory that plays music.
I don't generally do reviews of audio devices apart from gaming headsets which I generally get the most use out of. To me personally if it sounds good, is comfortable, and doesn't cost an absolute crap ton of money, it's perfect by my standards. As most of you already might know, the Beats Solo2 are probably the prime example of headphones that cost a crap ton of money for reasons that aren't exactly coherent. They promise an awful lot and they look the business, but are these compact cans really worth the premium asked for them? Let's find out.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike Review (5/10)

Guns. Lots of guns.
It's been a month but it's time for a new blaster review! This one has been out for a while now and I've passed it up simply because it's overshadowed by much more tempting options but now I've got it. I've given the Modulus line plenty of crap for being simply a cash grab filled with meh blasters and accessories but this looks to be different. It's got an almost vintage aura of ridiculousness that you don't see in many modern blasters and it's got launchers! Who doesn't love guns attached to guns? Meet the Tri-Strike, the Modulus line's newest and most stupid blaster.

Monday, October 31, 2016

My Two Cents on the Nintendo Switch (UPDATE)

Nintendo has been in a little bit of tough spot these past few years. With Microsoft and Sony surging ahead with the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, Nintendo's Wii U is looking pretty obsolete these days and the only thing that seems to be churning out the most success for the underdog of the Big Three is the 3DS. Nintendo has had a new console codenamed NX in the works for while now and it could supposedly be their ace in hole to put them back in the running against Microsoft and Sony, but not much  has been said of it... until now. Say hello to the Switch.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

iMac G4 Optical Drive Replacement & Autopsy

Vision problems.
As I noted in my review of the iMac G4, the optical drive was not working. Essentially what occurs was the drive would try to read a disk for about 30 seconds and then spit it back out. This can be one of two things, one is that the lens may be dirty and needs cleaning; this can be done with some specialized products. The other is that the drive may have just flat out shit the bed for some undiagnosable reason. Because the replacement I found wasn't much more expensive than a drive cleaning kit, I decided to do the extra labor for something that's guaranteed to work; plus I get to see the inside of the thing finally. Lets get started!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Nerf Rival Atlas XVI-1200 Review (9/10)

Twice the pain. All the fun.
I've covered most of the new Nerf gear already, the ones I haven't touched yet being the Mastodon, since it's so expensive, the Tri-Strike because it's pretty lame, and then there's this; the Atlas. This blaster been quite elusive to me for quite a while now and I just now found it after bouncing between several stores in search of it over the past month or so. This is the Rival line's first shotgun type blaster so lets see how it performs.