Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nerf N-Strike Elite Cam ECS-12: Why?

Here we go again...
Honestly, I'm starting to get the feeling Nerf is running out of ideas, for a brand that's been around for a couple decades now,Nerf has it's share of innovative products but now it's gotten to the point where they seem to be just tossing stuff on the shelves and hope they sell. The Cam ECS-12(Working title) is basically a 12 round assault rifle with a camera built into it. Ok, stop. First of all, gun mounted camera footage generally sucks if you don't like aiming forwards all the time, not to mention the camera itself is an absolute piece of crap and likes to record the constant whirring of the flywheels. What? You guessed it, flywheels, again. And supposedly this tops out at around 90 feet. Long story short, I think Nerf is just installing Stryfes with buffed up motors in pretty much all their new assault rifle like blasters, tossing some gimmicky accessory or function on it, and honestly, we've seen this trend before. Remember not too long ago how many blasters essentially had Recon internals stuffed in them? Yeah that got old quick and I don't think many people will bother paying the price tag of $75 bucks for this thing either when they should just buy a Rapidstrike, a Stryfe, or probably even a Demolisher for less and be just fine. So if you want a blaster that looks remotely like something from Mass Effect, go ahead, otherwise there's no reason to buy this.

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